Your Guide to Winter Blankets



We have all heard that a great mattress is a key component to ensure a good nights sleep and that sleep experts recommend cotton sheets with thread counts that top out at about 400.  Our comforters and bedspreads are purchased more for the aesthetic quality they lend to a bedroom.   But what about that sometimes forgotten layer between our soft top sheet and our beautiful comforter - the blanket.  Blankets can contribute to our comfort while we sleep, too.  

I decided to give a quick look at the blanket and found that fleece, wool, chenille, cashmere and silk fabrics are the most popular because being natural fibers they breathe, which helps keeps moisture away from us while we sleep.  A good quality natural fiber blanket will wash beautifully and last for years.

Here is a quick look at these options.

Fleece - Natural fleece is characterized by a thick, deeply napped surface that provides extra warmth and softness.  Natural fleece blankets are usually made of wool or cotton. 

Wool - Wool blankets are warm and provide insulation on a cold winter night.  The are heavy and can feel a bit itchy but they will soften over time.

Chenille - French for caterpillar.  This soft, fuzzy yarn has a hairy caterpillar like appearance. The blankets are made of cotton and provide extra soft, snuggly comfort.  

Cotton - Is by far the runaway favorite due to its softness.  Thread count does matter.  The higher the thread count the softer the blanket and the longer it will last. 

Cashmere - The softest most luxurious wool.  A cashmere blanket will keep you warm and comfortable for years.  But, please do your homework because these costly blankets will last longer if the ply (how many threads are tied together) is higher.  2 ply is common and 6 ply is pure luxury.  Iโ€™d aim for 4 ply.

Silk - Luxurious silk blankets are soft, warm and light weight.  This beautiful fabric will not feel bulky between your top sheet and comforter and will provide that extra layer of insulation.  

Hereโ€™s to a good nights sleep!  Happy shopping!