Scariest Local Haunted Houses & Experiences

Bane Haunted House – Livingston NJ Wed – Sun now thru Halloween!

The Bane Haunted House is a NJ legend and has been named the ‘scariest haunted house in NJ’. This is a full immersion, interactive experience where you will climb up, jump over, crawl through, and spin around for a spine-chilling time. 40K sq feet of space and 100+ live actors lend to this haunted experience. Go only if you dare!  

They also feature Happily Haunted for kids or anyone that is scared for a special attraction on Sundays from 2:30pm-4:30pm. The lights are on, there are no live actors and each group gets a flashlight guided tour throughout the attraction. Ideal for kids 4 & up.

Brighton Asylum – Passaic NJ Fri – Sun now thru Halloween!

This is another interactive experience that starts of with each visitor getting a gun to blast zombies! Once you enter; the asylum is filled with, obstacles and creatures waiting to scare the pants off you. They have a “lights out” event and days where you can get “touched” by the creatures during the experience.

Nightmare at Gravity Hill – Jackson NJ Fri – Sun now thru Halloween!

This experience features a “Abandoned ghost town” set up at Cicconi Farms in Jackson. The area is known for Gravity Hill where you can put your car in neutral and watch it roll up the hill. Featuring an abandoned barn, a knife wielding lunatic, clowns, zombies, runaways from the psych ward and cemetery and everything your nightmares are made of. Children under 14 require an adult guardian.