Fall Landscaping Tips

Before that first frost sets in, you want to prep that beautiful lawn you have been showing off all summer for the winter months!  Here are a few essential tips that will make your Spring prep easier:


Many landscapers agree that Fall mulching is better for the plants than spring mulching because it helps protect roots from frost and will help retain moisture during a cold, dry winter.  Spread 2 to 3 inches of fresh hardwood shredded mulch from your local garden center in your beds and around all your shrubs and trees.

Donโ€™t Prune - Just Remove the Dead

Fall is NOT the time for major pruning which will encourage growth when healthy plants should remain dormant.  Instead, lightly prune dead and dying branches from your shrubs, bushes and trees. Remove dead annuals. Deadhead spent blooms, and cut back dead ornamental grasses and perennials.   

Wrap Delicate Shrubs

Heavy snow, ice, and winds can severely damage your delicate, pricey shrubs. To protect your landscaping from the winter elements,  wrap shrubs, such as boxwoods, in burlap. Put a layer of shredded leaves around vulnerable trees. Bring in plants for the winter if you have a greenhouse or if you donโ€™t you can cover them with overturned pots.

Add to your garden or landscaping!

Early fall, until the ground freezes, is a great time to plant trees and shrubs. The cooler weather and Fall rains are good for young plants.  And as a bonus, this is the time when your local nursery or garden center will be having huge sales to get rid of their inventory before winter.

When that first crocus pops up and we get our first thaw, you will see that just these few tips will Spring your lawn and gardens back to life and keep that beautiful curb appeal you worked so hard to maintain!