Five Best Reasons to Buy a Home in the Fall


Less competition

Fall means new inventory and sometimes better priced older inventory that didn't sell in Spring and Summer. The difference is, there are typically fewer people looking in the fall AND sellers are often more flexible on price and more eager to sell before the holidays.

More quality time with your realtor

Less competition usually means realtors aren't as busy with clients. This translates to more time for you and your home search. This is a great time to ask all of your questions and get a great sense of the market as you purchase your home.

Home Improvement Deals

Plenty of new homes need TLC and appliances definitely fall under that umbrella. Closing on a home in Fall puts you closer to November and December sales which means better deals on the big ticket items. Also, according to Consumer Reports, September is an ideal time for buying carpet and paint, lawnmowers go on sale in October and appliances and cookware prices drop in November.

More time to think

Multiple offers means you have small windows of time for decision making. Less competition means more time and lower likelihood of other buyers to bid on the same house (although it can still happen).

Not-so-perfect weather

Perfect weather makes for great pictures but doesn't always indicate a true picture of your potential future home. Rain, snow, sleet and general bad weather can be great for seeing how a home holds up under less than ideal conditions.