Dress The Walls! (With Artwork)


“Art is in the eye of the beholder, and everyone will have their own interpretation.”

E.A. Bucchianeri


Artwork is a critical component of any room.  It feeds your creative soul and dresses the walls of your home by adding depth, color, texture and style.  It express who you are. So, who are you? Are you a monochromatic photograph of a Paris street? Or, a brightly colored Fauvism work?  Or, maybe you're a simplistic, quirky Folk Art piece. The most important thing to remember when buying art is to buy what you love - what speaks to you.   You will find a place for it in your home and it will bring a smile to your face daily.


A few places to visit when searching for that perfect expression of self:


Peanut Gallery - 338 Springfield Avenue, Summit. www.peanutgallerynj.com

Donna Donaldson - 384 Springfield Avenue, Summit.  www.donnadonaldsonhome.com/art/

Great House Bonny Neiman - 12 Beechwood Road, Summit www.bonnyneiman.com/art.html

Summit Frame & Art - 444 Springfield Avenue, Summit. www.summitframeandart.com