Sheets In The Wind


By: Mary

We have all heard that we spend a third of our lives in bed.  That being said it is understandable why comfort should reign supreme and what better way to stay cool and comfortable than sleeping between soft, breathable 100% cotton sheets.

Below are a few fun facts about 100% cotton sheets to help with your future purchase:

  • Egyptian cotton is the highest quality cotton in the world.  It has long, silky fibers that weave an exceptionally soft, luxurious and durable sheet.

  • Pima or Supima is similar to Egyptian cotton with long, silky fibers creating an extremely soft, comfortable and durable sheet.  The difference is that Pima or Supima cotton is grown in the United States, Australia and Peru.

  • Cotton sheets that do not specify 100% Egyptian, Pima or Supima are made of a lower-quality cotton variety.  So, a higher thread count is important to guaranty softness and durability.

  • Cotton percale sheets of 200 - 800 thread count will be more durable than a cotton satin or sateen sheet of the same thread count.

  • Organic cotton is grown, harvested and processed without pesticides and other potentially harmful chemicals.  Global Organic Textile Standard certified ensures that the sheets were produced responsibly and ethically. Fair Trade Certified means each piece sold directly improves the life of the person who produced it.  

Here’s to a peaceful nights sleep!

While in Summit, visit one of the following fine retailers listed below to purchase a luxurious, cotton sheet set:

A Home: This elegant store is located at 11 Beechwood Road in Summit. A Home carries the full line of luxury sheet brands: Matouk, Pine Cone Hill, Atelier, Peacock Alley, and Julia B. Couture. The website is:

Serena & Lily: This casual, and coastal store is located at 428 Springfield Avenue in Summit. The website is: if you are interested in their beautiful designs!

West Elm: This popular brand is located at 343 Springfield Avenue. The chic options for bedding decor are endless here! The website is: