Retail Is Not Dead


By: Alyssa


It seems that so many companies are closing, or condensing their retail locations, but explains that retail is not quite dead yet. Though online shopping has clearly made a great impact on the average consumer (such as having a mega company like Amazon to the rescue), we as consumers still crave physical locations. Retailers as well believe that it makes sense to use overall good towns, and cities to plant their few locations.

Though it is no surprise that Summit is one of the areas that retailers are drawn to! Summit is a pleasant town, with a downtown area. The downtown area is filled with popular retail stores, such as: Drybar, Serena & Lily, West Elm, Lululemon, and several other stores! 

What do you think about in person retail stores still existing? Are you more of an online shopping consumer? If you're interested in reading more in depth about these infamous retailers in downtown summit that are creating a resurgence, click here!