Weekly Roundup! (5/14-5/20)


By: Alyssa


This week there are many exciting opportunities to give back to the Summit community, and those in need. Here's your weekly roundup of events going on in Summit, and neighboring towns!

Monday, 5/14: Start off your week by doing a good deed, and helping another in need! The Calvary Church is hosting an American Red Cross Blood Drive at 3pm until 8pm. Here’s your chance to give back to those in need! For more information, click here.

Tuesday, 5/15: Doing barre as a workout has been all the rage lately! If you’re interested in trying this popular form of fitness, you can sign up for the 5:30pm class at Barre Intensity. Barre Intensity is located at 18 South Street on the 2nd Floor in New Providence! For more information, click here.

Wednesday, 5/16: The Grand Summit Hotel is hosting There’s No Place Like Home at 6pm, which is a fundraising event for children! This event includes music, dinner, and cocktails. The Grand Summit Hotel is located at 570 Springfield Avenue in Summit! For ticket pricing, and more information, click here.

Thursday, 5/17: Do you have a passion for history and architectural designs? This event is perfect for you! At 4pm The Museum of Early Trades and Crafts is hosting, “Raise the Roof,” which is an informal presentation of an early structure. This is a free event, and will be an interesting event for those of you who like architecture and design! For more information, click here.

Friday, 5/18: At 2pm, Reeves Reed Arboretum is hosting a massive plant sale for their members! Those of you in the Summit community that have a membership to Reeves Reed Arboretum can discover rare plants, and accessorize up your home with these unique, and natural spring plants! Reeves Reed Arboretum is located at 165 Hobart Avenue in Summit. For more information, click here.

Saturday, 5/19: From 1:30pm to 3pm, you can meet the mayor of Summit! There is no appointment necessary, and this event is open to all. If you’re passionate about our lovely town of Summit, and want to contribute in conversations within our community, then this event is not one to miss! The “Meet the Mayor” event will take place at Marigold’s, which is inside the Mondo Building on 426 Springfield Avenue. For more information, click here.

Sunday, 5/20: At 12pm, YB Fitness in Short Hills is hosting a “Cycle For Wheels” Spin-a-Thon! You can sign up for a 45 minute heart pumping, and super fun spin class to help raise money for the Millburn-Short Hills Volunteer First Aid Squad! This event is located at 750 Morris Turnpike in Short Hills. For more information, click here.