Blooms Of Cheer


By: Mary


What better way to greet your guests than with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  Whether you place a pretty, welcoming centerpiece on a table in your foyer, or a lovely arrangement on a nightstand in your guest room.  Fresh flowers will welcome any guest, and brighten any mood.

Fresh flowers are also the answer if you are looking for a quick and simple decorative element for your home.  They can add life to a dull living room, extra freshness to a powder room, a little elegance to a dining room, and add color to your surroundings.  Bad weather is far less appalling if there is something colorful, and cheerful in your home that gives off a sweet fragrance.

I enjoy being creative with my choice of containers for my fresh flower arrangements. I just love the look of a vintage water jug full of fresh blooms on my kitchen island, and an old rain boot used to hold cherry blossoms or large gladiolas in my mudroom.

There are many ways to decorate your home, but there is something truly timeless about a beautiful, and creative floral arrangement.  So, let’s go and buy some fresh flowers. I know just the places:

  • Summit Farmers Market (May-November) - located at DeForest Avenue parking lot No. 2 in Summit
  • Kings Food Market - located at 718 Springfield Avenue in Summit
  • Rekemeier’s Flower Shop - located at 13 Ashwood Avenue. For more information, visit:  
  • Summit Hills Florist - located at 789 Springfield Avenue. For more information, visit: