A Small Town For Them


By: Liza


Summit has always been known for its family-friendly atmosphere due to the amazing education system. The school system is phenomenal, yet the days of a middle schooler are often filled with a lot of school work, and due dates. At 3 o’clock the Summit downtown is swarmed with the kids carrying backpacks bigger than them. The question is; what are they doing after the bell rings?

Starbucks is extremely popular in downtown, especially for the students after a long day. Many eager students are already taking up space as they sit in huddles with friends, sipping their frappuccinos. It is a stress-free environment where middle school students can get some work done.

Right across the street from Starbucks, sits Boxwood Coffee. Although it’s not as popular as Starbucks, this local coffee shop is a simple and quiet setting. It is perfect for a study session, or for cramming in time for the last minute addition to a project! The hot chocolate is delicious and the baked goods are to die for. One can always find time to be productive in Boxwood.

McCools is slowly starting to creep its way in! As the season's change and it becomes hotter, more and more people make their way towards this popular ice cream shop. Many students go in groups of friends for an opportunity to get an ice cold treat.

It may please you to know that many (most) kids head to the library after school. Although, it’s not always to study. Most kids go to socialize and utilize the library's resources. The Summit Library plays host to plenty of up-to-date technology, and endless amounts of nooks and crannies. Students are pulled to the environment and promise that their friends are waiting.

Many kids overlook how fortunate it is to have such a safe downtown environment. There is always a place to go and always the promise of people there as well. Just hope that they don't get too caught up in the fun, and forget about that social studies project due Monday!

This article was written from the perspective of a local middle schooler in Summit, NJ.