Getting Your Home Ready to Sell


Getting your home ready for sale can seem overwhelming but, done correctly, the result is a home that is picture perfect, appeals to many buyers and sells quickly.  The key thing to remember is to make smart improvements that get the best return on your investment and don’t turn off buyers.

Here are some of the Natalya Price Group’s top suggestions for making sure your property is market-ready.

1. PAINT THE WALLS A fresh coat of paint is the most cost-effective way to make a place feel new again.   Neutral tones like grays and beiges and crisp clean trim will let the best features of your home stand out.  And who doesn’t like the smell of a freshly painted home?

2. PAY ATTENTION TO THE FLOORS  If there is wall-t0-wall carpeting: RIP IT OUT.  Nothing turns off today’s buyers like carpeting.  If it is there, they are already calculating how much it is going to cost to remove it, dispose of it and refinish the floors or replace the floors underneath it.  Remove that step for them and show off beautiful floors to go with the fresh paint job.  If there is hardwood underneath the carpeting and it is in good condition, hire a handyman with a floor buffer to wax and polish the floor or in some cases you can do it yourself.  If there is sub flooring underneath the carpeting, there are many options for flooring at places like Home Depot and Lowes.


3. MAKE UPGRADES IN THE KITCHEN The kitchen is one the first rooms buyers look at in the photos on the web and it is a key focal point of the home.  While remodeling an old kitchen is a sure way to help your home sell faster and at a higher price, it is possible to transform a dated space without a complete overhaul. A fresh coat of paint and new hardware will help refresh old cabinets.  Refreshing or adding a backsplash is also easy on the budget.

If your budget allows, changing out countertops from the dated formica to granite or some of the new options on the market can go a long way to making the kitchen stand out.  As for new appliances, replacing them can add value and often many appliance stores will give you generous discounts on “packages” of appliances or you can try a discounted appliance store.

4. FIX UP THE BATHROOMS Replacing missing tiles and re-caulking moldy areas are an absolute MUST.  Small improvements like swapping out an old faucet or replacing cabinet handles are also easy upgrades and can make a bathroom go from looking dated to updated. If your tub is looking dingy, a professional refinisher can repair dents and reglaze it with a new finish in a day or so.   This technique can also be applied to those dated wall tiles as they are in good shape.   If you already have a nice or remodeled bathroom, stow away all products, replace the shower curtain and add a orchid to the countertop.  Don’t bother putting out mats and towels - a crisper, sparser bathroom is better.


5. DE-CLUTTER Yes, you have to get rid of (or pack up) at least 50 percent of your stuff.  The more, the better.  Your stuff distracts buyers from seeing the size of the rooms and potential of your home.  And how can they see if their stuff is going to fit if your stuff is in the way?

Start room by room.  This includes books, knick-knacks, pictures, excess furniture and the contents of your closets.  All surfaces should be cleared.  And remember to put away all your toiletries before pictures and showings.

6. LET THERE BE LIGHT Heavy curtains, window treatments and drapes - while they add privacy and are decorative - they darken rooms and need to go.  Show off how much light your windows bring in.  Replace heavy blinds with simple shades while you are selling.  And while we are on the subject of light:  make sure every room has at least two light sources.  And make sure every bulb is replaced in your light fixtures including your recessed lighting. 

7. DEEP CLEAN We recommend this to every one of our sellers.  It is money well spent to have a service come in and deep clean.  They will wash and dust every surface, and even clean inside the cabinets.  Have them wash the windows inside and out too.  Your buyers will notice - the smell of a clean house is one of the greatest selling points!

8. HIRE A STAGER If your budget still allows, a home stager can make all the difference in taking these rooms that you have worked so hard to clean and declutter and transforming them to make them picture perfect.  Stagers are not decorators; a stager’s job is to use what you have or bring items in that appeal to today’s buyer and make your home stand out from the rest in pictures, on the web, in person and for showings and open houses.  A buyer’s first exposure to your home is on the internet.  If it doesn’t look good in the pictures, they won’t even click through.

9. DON’T FORGET ABOUT THE CURB APPEAL This should probably be up there before the first point, but make sure the outside of your home is looking picture perfect too!  A fresh coat of paint on the exterior and/or a power wash is a must.  Consider painting the front door or the shutters a new fresh color.  Also make sure the landscaping is tidy.  Freshen up the mulch and the flower beds.  Trim the bushes and trees.  Depending on the season, make sure the leaves and snow is cleared as well.

Lastly and most importantly, hire a good realtor and you are on your way!