Summertime BBQ Ideas

Corn on the cob in a cooler

How to do it: Wash your cooler thoroughly. Base the size of the cooler you use on the amount of corn you want to cook. Shuck and wash the corn into the cooler. Pour enough boiling water over the corn to cover it and shut the lid. Wait about 30 minutes and you should have perfectly cooked corn. It will continue to hold its temperature for several hours as long as the lid is closed.

Using gift tags as drink labels                                             

In a world where plastic is becoming more and more of a global issue, writing with sharpies on plastic cups seems less and less appealing. Instead, try using reusable wine glasses and tying a small gift tag with craft twine to create a rustic, summertime look!

Wheelbarrow cooler

Have a wheelbarrow? Have ice? See where I'm going? Also, light it up at night with glowing LED "ice" cubes.

Set up little stations to combat bugs and sunburn

Set up baskets around the yard and house with sunscreen and bug sprays to keep everyone happy and protected all day long.

Refresher station

For guests who would rather not drink alcohol, try making pitchers of lemon, cucumber and strawberry water or sparkling water for a cool treat.

Chalkboard bbq menu

Set up a spot near the grill or buffet area with a chalkboard menu to let them know what's cooking! It'll make your job as the host easier and let everyone know their options.

Watermelon keg

Ever heard of a vodka watermelon? Well there are plenty of kinds of drinks you can make inside this beautiful fruit. Just place on a stand, attach a tap right into the side and viola!