Throwing a Great End of Summer Party


Everyone - at least everyone I know - loves a great backyard summer party. Be the talk of your social circle by throwing one last bash to send the summer off in style! 

    Lights! Use decorative outdoor string lights to brighten any space - they're great as decorations during the day and add fun and ambiance after the sun goes down. Another great lighting tip is candle light. There are also plenty of mild-scented citronella options to set the mood AND keep unwanted pests away. 

    Put it on the board...use a chalkboard to tell guests what's on the menu for the night. This is also a great way to let anyone with food allergies or sensitivities know what is and isn't for them. 

     BYO...potluck parties can be a perfect way to start great conversations. Invite friends and family and ask each person to bring a favorite dish. A little bit of everything means everyone gets something they love! 

Cold drink dispensers are a gorgeous way to display simple summertime delights. Pick one up for your next party and even simple cucumber water can be a real crowd pleaser!

     Have enough seating! It's fun to invite lots of friends to a party, but make sure there's a seat for everyone who may want one! Instead of going out and buying tables and chairs, find a local party company and rent some along with colorful linens to really make the party (and the pictures people will want to post) pop!

      Want to add color and convenience but not add trash to the environment? These Paper straws and disposable wooden utensils will make you feel better about easy clean up and be worry free about tossing it away in these compostable, biodegradable trash bags.

     Don't forget to entertain the kids! Slip and slides, sprinklers, blow up pools, water balloons and obstacle courses are all great ideas to keep kids cool and occupied. If none of that works, buy a bunch of single-use cameras and "hire" the kids to be unofficial party photographers.